List Of Good Research Paper Topics On Human And Animal Rights

Composing a great research paper on human and animal rights depends a lot on the topic you choose. Most experienced writers agree that the more interested you are in your topic the more your enthusiasm will come out in your writing, making your research paper a more enjoyable read. Here are some really good topics on human and animal rights to consider:

  1. Debating the human rights versus animal rights issue: Are animals considered inferior to humans and therefore undeserving of the same treatment and rights as people and serve to meet human needs?
  2. Over one hundred and fifty billion animals are killed annually around the world. As humans have an evolving sense of morality and ethics, do you think animals deserve the same rights as people? Or do their limited abilities to reason make them inferior?
  3. International declarations such as the American Convention on Human Rights and the Universal Declaration of Hum Rights have achieved great respect for their strong efforts in protecting all forms of human rights and freedoms. How will these declarations continue to foster the protection of existing rights?
  4. Regardless of things like ethnicity, social class, age or gender, human rights are automatically given to people based on the sole distinction that they are human. Why do violations of human rights continue to happen in all parts of the world?
  5. How does democracy fit into the human rights issue? Consider for instance countries in which democracy does not exist. Should these autonomous nations adhere to international rules on rights or should they be left alone?
  6. Provide a critical analysis of the violations within the realm of animal rights? What are the major differences between animal rights and animal welfare?
  7. Compare and contrast the ideas behind separate human and women’s rights. Are the differences in definitions in different parts of the world a problem with how the evolution of women’s rights has been slow?
  8. Discuss the ways in which the 14th Amendment in the U.S. Constitution has succeeded in protecting the individuals’ rights. Bring up specific examples from legal cases that have taken place having to do with human rights issues in relation to the amendment.
  9. Provide a critical analysis of the civil rights movement of the 1960s. How effective were bringing up issues about past violations in promoting a better future?
  10. Provide an analysis of Miranda Rights. Do you believe these rights are protected and served efficiently to help citizens being arrested?

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