A Brief List Of Impressive Research Paper Topics In Philosophy

To be philosophical may be one of the most useless forms of employment in existence, yet, it may also be one of the most important ones. Is this a puzzle to be solved by Schrodinger, or is inevitability at play here? As a sentient species, humans think about many things, we may think about good things or bad, or wonder why we think, or why we wonder about why we think.

Research is conducted everyday, at every instance, the moment a child asks their first question, a researcher is born. Many believe that it is through this curiosity, humans were able to set themselves apart from the other animals. As a researcher of philosophy, consider the following topics to help you make a selection for your research paper:

  1. How is it that humans are capable of believing that they possess facts, when we have been undeniably been proven wrong, so many times in our past?
  2. How can Aristotle’s philosophy on friendship be applied to the way in which person interact today?
  3. How does the notion of happiness apply to the practical aspects of life that are required for the survival pf the species?
  4. How accurate is Descartes’ view of the body and mind, now that we know as much as we do today through science?
  5. Under what leadership style would the ideal government structure be founded?
  6. Legal justice often differs from social opinions, how is society able to function despite these contradictions?
  7. How would you classify the idea of believing that their is life after death, like many persons alive today do?
  8. How are humans able to determine the extent of their intelligence without any point of reference to work with but our own?
  9. How does Utilitarian principles differ from Relativism and how does this affect political interactions between countries of different views?
  10. What can be said about the claim that political practices need not pay any mind to ethical principles?
  11. How does courage differ from simply doing what needs to be done in a given situation?
  12. How does the concept of beauty affect the success of the human species?
  13. What will be the first sign that machines are becoming the new dominant species on the planet?
  14. What would our society be like if it were ruled by a Philosophical King?
  15. Are ethics a real thing or were they created by powerful people in order to keep themselves and their property safe?

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