22 Up-To-Date Research Paper Topics On Physical Therapy

There has been a great increase in the amount of students who wish to study physical therapy. It is a class and major that will require some writing assignments. Your writing should indicate that you are aware of the traditions of the field, as well as, know what is trending in the field. When your instructor gives you the composition on physical therapy, use one of 22 up-to-date research paper topics.

22 Topics

  1. Sports and Medicine- with an emphasis on concussions in sports, this would be a good topic to select.
  2. The warm-up -The idea of warming up for participating in the sport has a ball through the years. Explore this idea.
  3. Young bones- young athletes should be aware of growing bones. Look at this concept for your next piece.
  4. MRI- the MRI has changed how the field explorers and looks at bone injuries, so consider this idea.
  5. Yoga- people do not always think of yellow go when they think of physical therapy, but there is a great connection.
  6. Careers- look at the many career opportunities in this field.
  7. Education- look at the education requirements in this field.
  8. Rehab- explore the different types of rehab that are offered for different injuries in your peace.
  9. The pain pill- look at women is actually acceptable to use a pain pill to alleviate the pain from injuries..
  10. How things have changed- explore methods that are no longer using this field, and discuss why this is so.
  11. Leaders in the field- look at those people who have helped to change this field and why they have help change the field.
  12. On the sidelines- see what instant remedies are being used by trainers on the sidelines during sporting events.
  13. Hot or cold- discuss when hot or cold should be used to alleviate pain.
  14. The boot- explore this concept called the boot and how it has changed injuries.
  15. How many are too many- look at how many breaks are how many concussions and see how many are too many.
  16. Infection- how to handle infection and broken bones.
  17. The back- what to do with chronic back pain. What remedies are out there that work best can be discussed in your piece.
  18. Myths and legends- what myths and legends really do not work in this field, but seem to still be used a lot.
  19. The advanced degree- what happens after you have your degree in physical therapy if you want to continue in school.
  20. What's next- look at remedies and corrections that are being explored and will soon be introduced in the field.
  21. What happens when a bone won’t heal- this currently happens more than you might think, so explore this horrible condition.
  22. Addiction- in your writing, look at when addiction occurs when a patient is going through therapy and Rehabilitation.

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