How To Format The Main Sections Of An APA Research Paper

Writing a research paper is quite a challenging task. Students often need to complete such papers in their advanced academic levels but they may not always have enough experience or skill to complete the paper on their own. You need to remember that these assignments also need to be critically thought, well planned, organized and formatted using the right structure and manual. Your teachers would specify most of the times that which formatting style you should use for your paper. However, if your professor does not specify any format then you can pick one according to your subjects. For papers in psychology, the formatting manual is APA that stands for American Psychological Association. This is for you to cite your sources and give a proper structure to your paper

  • The general rule for APA papers
  • The entire paper should have double spacing on a standard size paper and have one-inch margins on all sides. The font family should be any easily readable font most likely Times New Roman and the font size should be 12 points or so. The purpose is to make the writing legible

    To review the format for each section in detail, here are the sections for an APA paper and you can check this website for further samples and details

  • The title page
  • The title page in your assignment is the first thing that the reader will see about your paper. It is where you include the title of your assignment, the name of the author, the affiliation of the university and the date of publishing. According to the APA standard, the title should not be longer than 12 words and should be centered on your page

  • The abstract
  • The abstract is an overview of your work that is 150-250 words in length and shows the basic extract of your work. It is after the title in your paper

  • The introduction
  • This is where you present your title to your audience in an engaging manner. This should include your opening sentence and the thesis statement for your work to show the scope of your assignment

  • Method
  • This section is double spaced and contains details about the methods and experiments you used for collecting and analyzing your data

  • Results
  • This section in an APA paper contains a descriptive detail about the results because you can discuss the details in the next section

  • Discussion
  • The discussion section interprets your results and talks about the limitation and future scope of work

  • References

  • Tables and figures

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