Writing A Catchy Introduction For A Research Paper On Immigration

Writing a research paper on immigration is an interesting assignment. Your introductory chapter plays a vital role as it establishes the first impression of your paper. It should provide some background information about your subject, explain its importance, and present your thesis statement. The following guidelines and tips will help you compose a decent piece of writing.

How to Compose a Research Paper Introduction Without a Hitch

After you have narrowed your research paper topic down, you should simply follow these guidelines:

  • Announce your topic in a few sentences and indicate a broader problem that it is related to.
  • Mention the keywords in the first sentences of your introduction and make sure that you define them in further paragraphs.
  • Consider using a quotation, especially if you are writing about political aspects of immigration.
  • Provide background information about your subject, e.g. a history of immigration, famous immigrants, immigrants’ countries of origin, etc.
  • Use historical documents and current research to state a rationale of your research paper.
  • Compose a clear hypothesis and provide your main research questions.
  • Tell the readers how you have structured your work in the final part of your introduction.
  • Revise your introduction after the whole assignment is ready to update the provided information if necessary.
  • Proofread your writing carefully, paying special attention to the spelling of the names of personalities and places.

How to Catch Your Reader’s Attention with Introduction

The aforementioned suggestions are easy-to-follow. However, you should also remember to include some elements in your research paper introduction to catch the attention of your audience. The first important thing to mention is your thesis statement. This is the key element of your introduction, so it should not contain any ambiguity. For example, if you are discussing the new migration policy in a chosen country, you should clearly indicate whether you support it or not.

Another tip that you should follow is providing some statistical information from a reliable source. It is a good idea to find data about the number of immigrants and emigrants by years or the age structure of migrants. You should select the data that illustrate the importance of your research topic. Make sure to cite the source of data that you have used.

Most writing experts agree that studying a few well-written examples helps students improve the quality of their works, so get a sample introduction to learn how to introduce new terms, what transition words to use, and how to formulate your thesis.


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