20 Unique Ideas For A Microeconomics Term Paper Topic

Microeconomics is an interesting subject to talk about if you know what the subject addresses and what are the core concepts and principles on which it works. The subject is a sub division of the major subject economics and deals with the relationship of supply and demand on individual level. If you are to create a winning term paper on the subject, then the most important thing you need is a strong topic. The title of your assignment reveals much about the overall direction, scope and content of your paper to the audience. You can look closer to this site in order to understand the importance of a good topic for your term paper.

If you are having troubles choosing the right title for your paper, you can get some original ideas from looking at the suggestions below.

Topic ideas to consider for a microeconomics term paper

  1. What is the relationship between price, demand and supply in a market
  2. The impact of the recession on the food industry and junk food giants
  3. Is there any impact of the seasonal change on the economy
  4. What are different market structures? Give examples for each to illustrate
  5. Will the price elasticity of a product change if it is available in different market structures?
  6. What decides the wage or average salary of a laborer in the labor market
  7. What are trade and labor unions and how do they work
  8. What is the value of a good and how is it related to purchasing power of the consumer
  9. Is there an impact of direct marketing on the price that a consumer buys the product for
  10. What are barrier of entries and how do small companies overcome that
  11. What is the relation of economics with creativity and company success
  12. What percentage of the total budget a company should spend on advertising and why?
  13. Starting an online business versus starring a physical company in 2015
  14. Should education and health be private goods or public
  15. Is there an impact of taxation on the costs that an average consumer pay for health care
  16. Smartphone market and the consumption trends
  17. Oil cartels
  18. Law of diminishing returns
  19. Perfect competition and the news industry
  20. Clean energy demand and supply

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