Strategies For Writing A Strong Research Paper About Computer Ethics

We all use computers, it is unavoidable, especially in today’s world of almost complete connectivity, 24 hours a day. A computer does not have to be a large screen with a key board, or a smart device, it can be a simple tool, like a camera, or automatic gates. As our societies develop, we incorporate automated systems and devices more and more. Quite likely, computers already out number humans and its only a matter of time.

Research is a vital part of our advancement and its through these studies that many developments take place. While the uses for computers are very numerous indeed, as civilized societies, we must also consider the way we put these devices to use. This is where research comes in and there are numerous ways one can go about conducting studies into the field of computer ethics. The following short points will provide you with a simple strategy:

  1. Select an interesting topic
  2. The topic can make or break your paper and you would be wise to select one well. When choosing a topic, you should look out for two characteristics, firstly, your topic must be interesting, readers must be compelled to read your paper when they see your topic. Secondly, you yourself must be interested in the topic, this makes it much easier for you to give the project your best shot.

  3. Formulate a practical hypothesis
  4. The hypothesis is the statement that must be proven or disproved in order to attain any kind of results from your efforts. Your entire course of action will be designed around proving this statement true or false. The hypothesis is nothing more than a bold, specific assumption about a given subject.

  5. Consider how computers have affected your life
  6. Your personal opinion on the subject could also shed some light on the world’s need for the development of computer ethics among users. Give an account of how the present ethics played a role in your experiences with computers.

  7. Sate what you would like to change or improve and show its practicality
  8. State the things that you think should be changed concerning computer ethics and take into consideration the practicality of your suggestions.

  9. Discuss existing problems with computer ethics.
  10. State what present computer ethics are and how they fall short of acceptable standards. Show how issues can result from the present state of computer ethics.


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