Essential Components Of A Good Computer Science Research Paper

Research papers in different disciplines will require a variety of components that are considered standard within the field. Although there are a number of branches of computer science, you can be pretty safe in including the following elements to ensure you meet the basic requirements needed to earn a great grade:

  • Title Page – This should be a separate page with a descriptive and concise title written about 1/3 of the page down. The title should simply state what your research paper is about. At the bottom of the page, centered, you will enter your name, class information, and the date of submission.
  • Abstract – On another page of your computer science research paper you should provide a single paragraph summary of your study, including a brief restatement of question investigated, whatever methods you have used in your study, as well as the principle results and conclusions.
  • Introduction – This section is usually no more than a page long and should inform the reader the relevance of your study, as well as provide a short background or history leading up to the thesis statement addressing the problem you are trying to solve.
  • Methods – This section should describe in a chronological manner the processes you took to complete your study. This should not be writing as a lab manual procedure but as a process description. Be specific, concise and most importantly complete. Don’t be excessive and get immediately to the point.
  • Results – This is perhaps the easiest section to write. It is simply a straightforward way of putting down outcomes through precise facts. You can use graphs, tables or other figures to communicate data, but you shouldn’t provide any unnecessary information or opinion.
  • Discussion – This section is reserved for your interpretation or opinion of the results of your findings. Consider whether you achieved what you sought to achieve and provide an explanation for why you believe the study succeeded or failed. This isn’t a place to make excuses just a place to show you understand the outcomes.
  • Works Cited – This section should list whatever outside sources you have used to help you with your project. It’s important that you cite sources which you have actually read and used in some way within your report. You can lose a lot of credibility if you attempt to legitimize your work by simply listing sources you think would garner respect.
  • Appendices – Lastly, this section should include original data that is was collected during the various stages of your study that might be useful or informative for anybody wishing to continue or replicate your work.

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