List Of 15 Interesting Research Paper Topics About World History

Students always have hard time thinking about what world history topic to write about when they’re asked to compose a theme about this complicated subject matter. Of course, when it comes to the history of the world, searching for a sensible, very informative and interesting topic is always a priority. In reality, looking for what theme to compose isn’t an easy task for many students especially to those who do not like writing that much. For a fact, contemplating on what subject to write about is always a big problem even to professional writers.

Needless to say, in order to come up with a worth-reading research paper, it is just right it is well-researched and filled not only with very engrossing ideas and stories but more so with factual data that readers can learn from. And, when it comes to finding reliable resources to use for your writing piece, of course, whether you search the data in libraries and through online, your resources should all be reliable and credible. It is also quite pivotal to cite your sources clearly to avoid plagiarism issues.

If you are one of the many students who still can’t find a way to start your written discourse, then, you may consider the following topics for your writing work:

  1. What impact did the Scientific Revolution have throughout the world?
  2. What factors contributed to the formation of OPEC or the beginning of the Arab Oil Embargo?
  3. What was the motivation for the foot binding of Chinese women and how did this reflect the position of women in their society?
  4. The Causes and Effects of the Protestant Reformation
  5. What factors were responsible for motivating some specific act of world terrorism?
  6. Did the Trojan War really exist or was it just merely a fictional event that only exists in the myths of the Greeks?
  7. What role did the monasteries play in keeping classical learning alive during the Middle Ages?
  8. Can the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle be explained?
  9. What factors contributed to the fall of communism in the Soviet Union in the 1990s?
  10. How has drug trafficking affected the relations between these South American nations and the rest of the world?
  11. The Causes and Effects of the Food Shortage in Africa
  12. Who built Stonehenge and what purpose did it serve?
  13. Has the United Nations been a success, a failure, or played no important role at all in ensuring world peace?
  14. What lessons can be learned from the Chernobyl incident?
  15. What role did mummification play in Egyptian religion or in the development of Egyptian medicine?

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