Creating A Solid Research Paper On Composite Materials

Composite materials are generally a mixture between two distinct materials, for example, reinforcement, binder, base and the filler. These two merge in such a way that they do not cast off their distinctive properties. In writing a solid research paper about these materials, you must adhere to certain guiding principles. These are as illustrated below.

  • Brainstorm ideas in response to the question
  • Prior to the writing, you must gather all the necessary data from various resources that might be at your disposal. For instance, you can get books from the library, read magazines and journals or alternatively visit the internet to source out information from relevant websites.

  • Take brief notes
  • After you have all the resources, take time to read each of them and clearly understand what it means by composite materials and note down the main arguments from the resources. You should majorly dwell on the current trends about the topic to enhance the effectiveness of your work.

  • Writing the title
  • This is what defines detail you are going to talk about in the body of the text. The title should clearly capture the information concerning composite materials. Moreover, brevity should be maintained and the write should cease abbreviate words as this may distort the whole information.

  • Write a plan for the thesis
  • This involves arranging your work in a logical manner. The flow of the points will depend on the depth of the information you have gathered. Every point should also pertinent to the question.

  • Write the introduction
  • This is the initial paragraph that opens up the discussion. It defines the central idea and denotes how the question will be answered. Under this section, clearly show the readers what to expect as they will be reading the main text.

  • Writing thesis
  • Theses refer to the central ideas in the body of the text. You should mention the different types of composite materials and the characteristic of each among other relevant ideas. Take note to keep within the scope of the topic. Furthermore, one can focus on the upsides and downsides of each material and comparison between them. Use your short notes to write down significant points and support each with relevant evidence and examples. Discuss each new idea in a different paragraph.

  • Conclusion and Reference
  • Under this section, summarize the key points and show how they have answered the question. You can add your recommendations and give relevant reference materials. When you are done, take some time to re-read your completed work and make the necessary corrections.


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