How To Write A Great APA Research Paper On Nutrition

Topics related to a healthy diet and different improvements in nutrition are of current importance. If you are about to write a project in this field consider the following suggestions on how to create a solid paper.

  • Choose your topic.
  • The first step in the long process of research is choosing an interesting topic, unless your instructor gave you a particular theme. If finding a topic is left up to you, then you should pick something you are passionate about; otherwise you will benefit little from your work. Read the specialized magazines and books on nutrition so you can see what is up-to-date in this field. Primarily, your search should be oriented at more general topics. Later you’ll have to choose some specific problem to be scrutinized thoroughly.

  • Narrow the topic.
  • Having decided on the direction your paper will take get down to searching for a particular issue. Think about the important question you want to answer in your paper. It’s much easier to write about something specific because you will have to study less material, thus focusing only on your question and not on the broad topic. However, keep in mind that you’ll have to provide background information on the topic in your introduction to familiarize your audience with the subject matter, so try to think globally and narrowly at the same time.

  • Gather information.
  • If the topic you chose is rather new for you then you should gain insight into it. To find relevant material go to the library or search on the Web. Pay special attention to the academic and non-academic journals, recent publications of professional nutritionists, and statistics. Remember to take notes while reading the books and articles. Also write down the sources so that you can provide references to the ideas you present.

  • Follow the APA requirements.
  • The APA format has its own requirements for the organization of references and paper structure. There should necessarily be four essential parts: the title page, abstract, body, and references. Other sections following the references can be appendixes, footnotes, tables, and figures. This writing style employs an extensive use of headings and subheadings so that you can present your ideas in a clear and coherent way. If you want to comply with all the rules read the most recent edition of the APA manual.

  • Present your findings.
  • You are supposed not only to collect high quality material and relevant facts on your topic but also show the reader what your contribution to the research is.


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