24 Unique Topic Ideas For An Argumentative Research Paper

With this type of paper, you have to present a side and then defend its validity. In doing so, it is important that you acknowledge the opposing side, and then provide reasoning as to why it is not the stronger or better side. More important than the subject you choose to write about, is the thesis you present. Remember, your thesis is not an objective fact, but instead an angle on the subject. When you are not 100% sure on your thesis, try using the word “should” instead of more definitive words. Almost anything can be a topic, so long as there are two sides to it. If you are having a little trouble getting started on selecting a subject, here is a list of 24 unique topic ideas for your argumentative research paper:

  1. Should there be censorship?: The research part of this paper will entail
  2. Should plastic surgery be used on handicap children?
  3. Are there any benefits to a dress code?
  4. Is the death sentence ethical? What other punishment would be more appropriate? Or if this is the most appropriate punishment, why?
  5. Should senior citizens be able to drive?
  6. Is assisted suicide ever okay?
  7. How should bullies be treated in schools?
  8. Is standardized testing effective at measuring intelligence and capability?
  9. Are children being exposed to technology at too young of an age?
  10. Is street art really art?
  11. Should catcalling be illegal? What measures could be taken to enforce this?
  12. Should football players be paid for their sport?
  13. How harmful are the effects of smoking marijuana, really?
  14. Should the legal drinking age be lowered? Or should it remain the same?
  15. Should sex education be taught differently in our schooling system?
  16. Are fraternities/sororities relying on archaic concepts?
  17. How does our society set up boys for success versus girls?
  18. Should drug tests be required in school?
  19. Have we become too reliant on technology? How will this affect our future (for the better or worse)?
  20. Should the minimum wage be increased?
  21. Is the war in Iraq serving any good? What about other wars?
  22. Is cloning really immoral?
  23. Is there ever a time when a line should be drawn on one’s freedom of speech? When?
  24. How does our society treat mentally ill individuals? What kind of affect does this have on their treatment and wellbeing?

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