How To Structure The Results Section Of An APA Research Paper

The APA style is the most common style used by high school students; this is why you have to know how to handle it every single time. Your professor is expecting you to create every element from scratch and to make it perfect. If you don’t know everything, don’t worry. You have plenty of time to learn and to improve yourself. The results section of your research paper is not always obligatory, but it can definitely bring you some extra points. Here is how to structure it:

  • Start this section with an introduction. In the first lines you have to talk about the most interesting things that you discovered through your research paper. Your composition had a goal, a purpose, right? Well, did you reach your goal? Did you fulfill the requirements? What new things you found out? Make sure that this introduction is not too long, otherwise it will seem boring.

  • In the body of the section, you have to make a clear description of your paper. For example, let’s assume you wrote about uniforms and what opinions students have about it. You will be required to write how you found out about their opinion and, more important, what students you discussed with. Did you just surf the internet and gather different perspectives? Did you ask students in your school? Did you talk with your siblings or friends?

  • Mention the results. Here is where you have to be more explicit than you were in the introduction. You have to state the results clearly. Most of the students agree or disagree with uniforms? Why? Can this motivate your school to make a change in this direction?

  • Write one paragraph about other findings. In this case, you can say that you discovered that teenagers are very attached to their own style. Therefore, they feel that the uniforms will take away their freedom of expression.

  • Finish everything with a conclusion. The conclusion should be two or three lines long, and it should be completely related to the information that you previously presented.

  • Add an appendix. If you feel that you have to give more information, but you don’t want to introduce it in the main body of this section, you can write it on a separate paper. In this way, if the readers don’t understand a term or a paragraph they will know where to search for explanations.

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