How Do You Write An Introduction To A Research Paper: 4 General Tips

One of the most important parts of any research paper is the introduction. This portion of the research paper must draw the reader's interest and convince them to read more. By creating a good introduction, the student can improve the grade they get on the assignment and boost the quality of their writing.

  • Remember the Thesis Statement
  • Without a good thesis statement, the student does not have an adequate introduction. Every research paper has a topic or main idea that will be covered. In general, this idea can be summed up in one or two sentences of the thesis statement. The student needs to make an argument in these sentences that they will alter support in their writing. Before the teacher even reads the essay, they will first look for the thesis. If the student does not have one or they have a poor argument, the teacher will give the student a much lower grade.

  • Use a Hook
  • Even though a research paper is a formal type of writing, students should still use a hook to draw the reader into the narrative. This hook can be a short story, an interesting quote, an unusual piece of data or simply a question. By using a hook, the student can immediately get the interest of the reader. Teachers read through hundreds of essays every semester, so students who want an A+ need to do something to wake the teacher up and get them interested in the student's writing.

  • Provide Background
  • Even the most knowledgeable of teachers may still be unfamiliar with certain subjects. Students should never assume that the reader is already familiar with a highly technical topic. For technical essays, students should always provide some background information for the reader. In addition to giving the reader context, this will also help uninformed readers to understand what the research paper is actually about.

  • Keep It Simple
  • Most research papers are only 2 to 20 pages in length. Due to this size limitation, students cannot have overly broad topics or thesis statements. Instead, students need to narrow down their introduction and thesis statement so that it can be covered in the page length. If the topic area is too broad, the student will be unable to cover it adequately in their essay.

Once the student has created their introduction, they should give it to someone else for editing. Few people are naturally good at editing their own work, so outside help is needed. Students can ask their teacher for help or reach out to a classmate who is good at writing.


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