Top 25 Interesting Research Paper Topics In Political Science

Everyone has an opinion about politics and that’s what makes doing research papers so interesting. You may have some very firm passions about various political positions but you need to be able to be objective as well. The temptation to bark out a thought has to be kept under control. You also should have a topic that generates interest. What you write about has to be more than just interpretation of opinion polls or election data. Political writing can be international as well as local, and that broadens the number of topics you can peruse. Here are some that you might enjoy.

  1. The impact of religion on liberal politics.
  2. The women’s movement and its impact on municipal elections.
  3. Is radical Islam promoting the rise of fascism?
  4. Democratic models in developing countries.
  5. What is the new definition of civil society?
  6. The effects of parliamentary system on tribal societies.
  7. Civil wars created by policy decisions.
  8. Should judges be appointed or elected at the federal level?
  9. Comparison of political culture between two states.
  10. International law in the age of the Internet.
  11. Environmentalism and elections in developing countries.
  12. Climate change and policy decisions.
  13. Qualities necessary in new political leaders.
  14. The power of celebrities in local elections.
  15. Domestic terrorism and law enforcement policies.
  16. The effect of term limits on state governments.
  17. When does gender conflict with constructive policy decisions?
  18. Can tribal societies accept democracy?
  19. How third parties can influence environmental policy.
  20. Should amending state constitutions be made more difficult?
  21. What are the deficiencies of English common law?
  22. Has the Internet poisoned politics?
  23. Should presidential orders override judicial decisions?
  24. Which is more important, income distribution or government efficiency?

As you are taking a look at research paper topics is important to be sure there is sufficient resources to write a credible paper. That would require doing an Internet search. While you do want to have something that interests people, those subjects for which there is no solid research have to be discarded. Ultimately, you are looking to get a good grade for all your efforts.

Taking a look at politics also can be very revealing about how decisions are made. Such writing assignments are delegated with the intent of allowing you to dive deeper into the subject matter of which you have an interest. It is to your benefit if you pick a very good subject from a number of topics, and provide necessary work to create a paper that is informative and interesting at same time, you guarantee a superior grade.


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