Creating A Strong Research Paper About The Banking Sector

Writing a research paper about the banking sector can turn from a boring and challenging endeavor into a manageable and interesting experience if you are persistent and well-organized. The following tips will help you cope with the task and create an impressive paper on the subject.

Selecting a Topic

The banking sector is quite a broad area of study and it should be narrowed down. Pick a specific topic with strict limits, and your paper will be a success. Consider the following ideas:

  • Write about the banking sector in a specific country. Whether it is Sweden, India, or Japan, you’ll definitely find characteristics that are specific for the region and worth your reader’s attention. To make your topic even narrower, focus on just one aspect. For example, you may do research on innovations in Indian banking sector or investigate the role of Bulgarian banking sector in the economy of the country.
  • Explore a specific time period. For instance, you may trace a historical development of the banking sector of your country or any other region. You may also compare the work of two banking sectors during the last five years.

Conducting Research

When studying your banking sector issue, consider the following tips:

  • Use resources from your library.
  • Look through available economic books and periodicals.

  • Surf the Internet.
  • Browse credible economic websites. Governmental and educational websites can be helpful as well.

  • Ask for recommendations.
  • Your teacher can help you sort out available materials by recommending which sources can be trusted and which ones you’d better avoid. Ask for recommendations on economic forums as well.

  • Look for both primary and secondary sources.
  • While it may be difficult to obtain primary sources on your banking sector question, your paper will be only stronger if you find and use them.

Writing the Paper

  • Create an outline.
  • A good preliminary outline will help you organize your paper well. Decide how you’ll distribute your arguments between the body paragraphs.

  • Write the introduction.
  • Your introductory paragraph should provide general context on your banking sector topic, explain the concepts, and represent your thesis statement (your view of the issue that will be proved in the body).

  • Develop the body paragraphs.
  • Your key arguments should be presented in separate body paragraphs. Provide enough supporting evidence from both primary and secondary sources to prove your thesis. Don’t simply report facts and numbers, but analyze and evaluate them.

  • Conclude properly.
  • Summarize your argument and explain why your findings are significant. Prompt what about your banking sector topic needs further research.


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