5 Good Topics For A Research Paper About Current Events In The World

When it comes to writing a research paper, discussing current events can be a really great way of thinking of a good topic to write about. In fact, there are many reasons as to why discussing current events can be perfectly suited for a detailed essay, not least the fact that it can be easy to research. For example, many of the newspapers and news-based websites will be discussing current events and, therefore, it will be easy to find out relevant and up-to-date information.

Furthermore, today’s reporting methods are more advanced than they have ever been, thanks largely to the Internet and other technology, which means that finding accurate information can be far easier than compared to trying to research historical events.

Of course, the current events that you might decide to discuss as part of your paper will very much depend upon the subject that you are studying. For example, you may wish to look at things from a geographical point of view when studying geography, whereas you may wish to look at the financial implication of current events when studying business studies or economics.

Alternatively, you may even wish to look at current events in comparison to historical events, when studying world history, or any other similar subjects. Therefore, you will need to think about what subject to choose very carefully; however, there are some potential ideas included below that might help you.

  • Discuss the role of newspapers, television channels and other mainstream media sources when it comes to the election of politicians, as well as propaganda that is used by the government and other people in power

  • Discuss world poverty and how and where improvements have been made in reducing the proportion of people living below the poverty line throughout the world, and whether or not current targets poverty in the future will be possible

  • What is the root cause of disagreements between Palestine and Israel, and what impact it has on the surrounding region, and what possible solutions are available to restore peace, as well as any obstacles that may exist when it comes to reaching agreements?

  • Analyse and discuss the pollution of the world’s major oceans and waterways, and what individual countries are doing to try and tackle the problem

  • Since the terrorist attacks on September 11, what has been the impact on international travel, and have the changes helped to make transport safer?

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