A List Of Economic Development Term Paper Topics To Consider

One of the more difficult hurdles to get over when writing a term paper on the subject of economic development is to come up with a good topic. One should choose something they find interesting but also something that would interest the audience. A topic that is either too narrow or too broad can be problematic as one can either run into a lack of resources or not being able to provide an in-depth academic discussion. Here is a list of some really good term paper topics to consider for your assignment on economic development:

  1. What first world methods are third world countries using that have been the most successful or the most promising in recent years? What economic development challenges will they face in the next two decades?
  2. Which two global financing entities have the biggest influence on how the economy fairs over the next half century? Is lending the answer to solve crises in the several countries with poor credit ratings or have already defaulted?
  3. How does bailing out large banks and car companies help maintain a healthy economy in the U.S.? Have there been negative financial risks as a result of this or has the country remained safe from another recession?
  4. Provide reasons for or against bailing out large banks but keeping students in debt for borrowing money to pay for their education. Do you think the system is fair or unfair?
  5. Compare and contrast the economic development plans posed by the major 2016 U.S. presidential candidates. What are the similarities and differences between their systems? Why would one be more favored by the public than the rest?
  6. Do you think the current system of economy in Europe will promote better financial relations with other countries outside of the continent or will it eventually isolate Europe from the rest of the world?
  7. How can the U.S. change economic policy so that it favors trade with developing countries in South America, where trade is often limited and has resulted in a shorthand of a number of much needed resources?
  8. Compare and contrast two European countries and the way in which their economies have developed in the last half century. What have been their similarities and differences?
  9. Which third world country do you feel is more likely or better positioned to jump to first world financial status in the next century?
  10. Do you believe that China’s growing economy will eventually overtake those of the U.S. and European nations?

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