How To Choose A Strong Topic For A Term Paper In History Of Medicine

A homework project you may be assigned is on the history of medicine. Healthcare has had a major influence on society all through history, and many times treating disease successfully determined the survival of a culture. You are hoping to get a good grade on the term paper but you have to take a few risks in order to do that. A strong topic is the first step and you should be careful in your selection. Consider these following tips.

  • Challenge Conventional Wisdom. People many times rely on traditional ideas when it comes to interpreting history. You can choose as your thesis something that challenges the norm. For example, you can write a composition on how American Indians were susceptible to smallpox due to their DNA, and European carriers were just a coincidence.
  • Do A Compare and Contrast. You have an opportunity to compare and contrast various periods of time. This is an opportunity to show breadth of understanding. You can compare how a given disease was treated certain times of history, with how it was treated at another time that was more successful.
  • Explain The Health of Various Societies. The poor in the Middle Ages often lived a healthier life than the aristocracy. Why? You can take a look at societies and explain how the use of home remedies are more successful than accepted medical practices.
  • Discuss A Little-Known Medical Fact. Your term paper has to be interesting in order to get a high grade. The history of medicine is full of practices that are no longer in use, but may have stimulated improvements. These can be very interesting depending on how you explain your thesis.
  • Examine Outside Influences. Societies are affected by outside influences, and these have an impact on healthcare and treatments used to combat new diseases. You can investigate outside influences, concentrating on a given society at a particular time.

You have to have an interesting term paper. Taking a general topic may seem to be the easy way out, but it is actually the easy way to get a low grade. Choosing a strong topic is a challenge to you as a student. You’re going to have to do a little more investigation research, and present a very persuasive argument. That is all part of the education process. Something that is a little bit out of the ordinary allows you to flex your intellectual muscles. You improve your knowledge base by doing that.


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