A List Of High School American Literature Research Paper Topics

When you are searching for a topic to write on in American Literature, consider these topics as a way to get started on your writing and finish the assignment.

  1. Investigate the major historical figures of the colonial period in American history including William Bradford, Anne Bradstreet and Benjamin Franklin and focus on the plantation lifestyle and its influence on the country.
  2. Review the revolutionary period of the country’s history and how the Declaration of Independence change the course of the country’s growth and position within the world.
  3. Explore the concepts of nationalism as the citizens of America began to progress and develop a national identity for themselves.
  4. Document and investigate important works of literature that influenced the history of the country as it began to grow and prosper.
  5. Look at the impact of slavery on the population of the young country including both before and after the abolition of slavery.
  6. Review the literature on the earliest explorers who landed on the American continent, discuss the concept that it was in fact the Vikings who first landed on the land versus Christopher Columbus.
  7. Look at influential explorers who helped to map out the continent as they searched for treasures and other riches documented in American literature.
  8. Provide an example of famous figures in literature that grew from the explorers and settlers who tried to make a living in the harsh land.
  9. Document and investigate the Civil War and show the struggles that the country faced when brother had to fight brother.
  10. Discuss the Oklahoma land rush and how many families who gained property from that situation did in fact live there for a multitude of generations.
  11. Look at the relative newness of the American country and how the short history compares to that of other countries.
  12. Look at the influence of the Native Americans who lost their land when the new settlers arrived.
  13. Show the influence of the horse on all aspects of the development of the country and how the earliest explorers lost some horses allowing them to begin to grow into herds.
  14. Discuss the Pony Express and how this system was quickly outdated by the technological advances of the time.

No matter which topic you choose, each one listed above will help you to find an interesting subject for your assignment.


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