A List Of Good Research Paper Topics You Can Handle

How long is a piece of string? Well, in the same way that it is impossible to solve that particular conundrum then coming up with a list of research paper topics that all students can handle is next to impossible. What is easy for one person might be insanely difficult for someone else. Everyone knows their limits and most good teachers will also understand the limits of each, individual student.

There can sometimes also be a stigma. For example, people worry that by choosing a topic that is generally perceived to be easy they will risk the wrath and ridicule of their peers. Conversely, if they choose a topic that is too difficult then there is a real possibility that they may end up falling flat on their face.

However, in the interests of making life as easy as possible. Here’re are list of good research paper topics that most people will be able to handle. If you find this too challenging, then simply tweak it a little to make it fit:

  • Abortion – are the current limits reasonable. Are there grounds for lowering or increasing the limits?
  • Is there anyway of balancing a campaigner’s right to protest against the welfare of the doctors carrying out the abortion and the patient.
  • Is there an argument to say that discrimination has now flipped, and that men are in some cases being discriminated against in favor of women? Provide evidence to back up your claims.
  • How can you keep schools safe? Are there enough procedures/protocols in place already? What more can be done?
  • Is the compensation that teachers get adequate? Is it in line with the number of hours that they work? Why is there a perception that teachers are underworked and overworked? If this is a false perception then what steps can be taken to address this?
  • Is beating your child ever justified? Tough love or child abuse?
  • Should sugary foods and drinks be banned from supermarkets? What is the best way of tackling the spiraling obesity crisis?
  • Are horror movies bad for your health?
  • Are rollercoaster rides safe? Are the current health and safety restrictions tight enough?
  • Guns in schools. Do kids have a moral right to bear arms?
  • Best friend vs Boyfriend. Is there room for both in your life?

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