20 Outstanding English Research Paper Topics For High School

High school is not where you have the most fun in life. On the contrary, it is the stepping stone towards a winning future. Take this phase of life frivolously and you may suffer for the rest of your life.

Develop your thought-process

The cultivation of your mind is done through schematic research papers that you can manage and culminate. If you have any qualms regarding research papers at such a young age, you can check this site on the Internet and enhance your confidence level.

Here are 20 instructive research paper topics for you as a high school student –

  1. Tread the vacillations in writing style of William Shakespeare through his plays – His writing sometimes felt as if in a loop and suddenly took an exalted route. Some of his plays are brilliant and some not up to the mark.
  2. What goes on in the mind of a repetitive criminal – This would take good enough research and discussion with people who are aware of the condition.
  3. How to engender love for Math – Think of feasible and intuitive ways to exorcise this numerical demon.
  4. Analyze the sex life of rabbits – Treat this as an educational topic; not a titillating one.
  5. Steps to improve the general energy quotient of a neighborhood – This is a highly relevant research topic.
  6. Find out restorative properties of certain herbs – You can take advice from teachers and streamline on the herbs.
  7. Creating a connection between Unitary Method, Geometry and Algebra – This should be fun.
  8. Suggest ways to develop minds of a student who suffered from autism in childhood – Go for extensive research for this.
  9. Prepare a case study for development – You can choose your field and offer real-life inputs.
  10. The status of landfills – You will find enough scope in your city to write on this.
  11. Experimenting differentially with common elements – This would require innovative insertions by the teacher.
  12. Impact of alcoholism on kids – This is a sensitive issue and requires clear perspective.
  13. An assessment of Charles Dickens – Compare and connect the different books written by him.
  14. The gaps in German grammar – This will need you to fill bigger shoes and enquire.
  15. Orienting on special specie traits – Birds fly, fishes swim and snakes glide. Jump on more such traits.
  16. Electromagnetism through your eyes – Conduct a few scintillating experiments to show your mettle.
  17. Fermenting nature of yeasts and other natural substances – This again requires graded research.
  18. Carbon: composition of plastic and other concoctions – Thankfully for you, the research would be at an incipient stage.
  19. The ways in which children are getting exploited – Find reams that are not generally talked about.
  20. Differentiating between discipline and talent – You can pick 3-4 stations where the difference is obvious.

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