Top Twenty Junior High School Research Paper Topics On Street Violence

This article will give list topics on street violence for junior high students. Unfortunately, for those students at that level of education this subject matter is all too familiar. Young people of that age tend to gravitate towards that kind of behavior in the path of finding themselves Young kids feel for that running with the crowd is easier than standing on their own convictions. Writing a paper with these ideas should open some of the stronger minded student’s eyes to make changes for the good. Here is the list that may get the student started on a good essay.

  1. How much does ethnic background play on participating in this act? No matter the race, color, or creed when you’re the minority is the act of fighting for respect a fact of survival?

  2. Where is the anger, and attitude learned? Does growing up around generations of violent family pull the coming of age members into the same lifestyle? Growing up watching members of family you respect and wanting to be like them?

  3. Kids that call other friends that are raised by the streets understand that only the strong survive. Loyalty and respect are gained by using any amount of ruthlessness to get those two things.

  4. The war on gaining and keeping corners for the use of dealing. The length people will go to protect their piece of the neighborhood. How much is a corner worth that people would give up their lives for to protect?

  5. Gangs use the violence to put the fear into the hearts of the people of the neighborhood. They use fear to collect protection money from businesses where they actually live. There is no escaping the wrath of repercussions from the packs of evil doing people. Ruthless acts of hurting others is as normal as breathing. These traits are instilled in these people from either survival or way of life.

  6. Shot callers- are individuals high in the gang chain of command that order certain things to be done. Ignoring these orders could cost the soldier his life.

  7. Wearing the wrong colors in the wrong neighborhood can cause every act up to death.

  8. Prejudice is the main reason for this act. It has been around for as long as anyone can remember. Hating someone for any reason at all always leads to no good.

  9. Drunk and disorderly actions cause a lot of the violence that the police have to face each and every day.

  10. Big crowds of people lead to ruthless acts out of disrespectful actions and people wanting attention. Pride can be a very powerful thing.

We recommend this site to find more information on violence at the junior high level. It does not take much of anything to find yourself caught in the middle of any level of argument. Today fighting is glorified through cage fighting and other violent sports. To gain reputations people have to show how tough they are. This will always bring retribution.


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